More than just tech

Have you ever wondered how something works? how the internet is connected? How CGI in films can look so real?

Some of us just expect things to work like our phones or PC, some are afraid of technology and never touch or change from what we know.

Its the general questioning and inquiry of these things that drives me and my little business, I just what to know how and why things work, if a new device or gadget comes to market, I just need to know whats inside, how they have built it and what we will be next in its life or upgrade cycle.

Though some ‘upgrades’ seem like just a another complication or needless addition (Samsung ‘add-wash’ comes to mind), some are leaps in progression, take the apple iPhone that was a device that just made its own market, who knew we needed a computer in our pocket!

Hopefully in the coming months I will post more about Tech, Modern Life and more.

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