This is what i thought, and with the #royalwedding today what a time to have a look at great wedding tech. here is the the top 5 things i have found to help that “one day” go as smooth as possible

1. A GoPro Bridal Bouquet to Capture Hidden Moments

The walk down the aisle is one of the more special and memorable moments of the wedding day, and trust us, it goes by quickly. Capture it all on camera from your vantage point by asking your florist to save a spot in your bridal bouquet for a small camera. (Any mini camera similar to a GoPro will work to record your entrance.) This way you’ll get to see everything from the look on your guests’ faces to the parental handoff (if that’s what you’re doing) to your vows in an up-close and personal way.

Out There But Awesome: Hide a camera someplace at the reception (like a flower installation or the disco ball over the dance floor) to catch guests at their most candid, hilarious moments. Tip: Hire a videographer to set it up for you so you get all the footage incorporated into one final wedding video edit that you can watch for years to come.

2. “3-D Printed Wedding Cake Decorations”

The 3-D printing trend is catching on in the culinary world. Have your cake baker create a simple wedding cake and add amazing 3-D printed shapes to the top and sides for a truly modern look. Or create an incredible 3-D printed cake topper like this one. Another idea we love: a 3-D printed candy bar! Companies like The Sugar Lab can produce intricate and amazingly shaped candy for your bar at the reception.

tweet your wedding? its technical

3. Dont miss a thing!

Eversnap iPhone & Android apps can help an event, wedding, mitzvah, or any company event to collect all their guests’ photos and videos in one online album. Eversnap is the best wedding app for photos as well as the number 1 rated event photo app for other categories such as bar mitzvah app, bat mitzvah app, sweet 16 app, & company party app. http://www.geteversnap.com/

4. Snapchat / FB Messager / WhatsAPP

A simple way to keep the whole wedding party upto date from the start to the end and one simple group message to say thanks without spending out of thank you cards and all that shit. www.facebook.com www.snapchat.com

5. Pay Someone $3,000 To Live-Tweet Your Wedding

Your wedding day is a time to ditch your phone, forgo Facebooking and enjoy the most important moment of your life with the friends and family you’ve gathered.

Just kidding. This is probably the best you’re ever going to look and you need to make sure everyone in the world sees you immediately. Plus, how will your maid of honor’s speech or first dance go viral if you don’t post it on YouTube? These are wedding day decisions you’re going to have to make, people.

But if you want to avoid a trashy wedding faux pas, The W Hotel in New York has the perfect solution for those brides and grooms who want make their weddings a bit more social: a social media wedding concierge. read more HERE

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