Looking for MORE TV?

There is more choice of TV channels and on-demand streaming services than ever.

So how do you know whats right for you? Well it really depends on 2 things, what you like to watch and how you like to watch it.

If your never at home, then services like NOWTV and NETFLIX are the platforms for you. If you like to watch at home FREEVIEW, FREESAT and SKY might be a better choice but they can all now be views on most smart devices when away from home.

Here is how we would break them down, taking cost and flexabity of ways of viewing into account.

SKY – Most expensive, but the most choice with both home and away, if you cant live without TV most of the time, this is the best option, the only option if you want to watch a lot of Sport! www.sky.com

FREESAT – With a Freesat smart box it is just a one off cost of install (we can help with that) of around £300, you never pay anything again. 150 channels, access to iplayer, itv hub and ALL4 (Channel4) you will have most bases covered and rearly miss a show www.freesat.co.uk you also have the option to add netflix and other services if you wish.

FREEVIEW – Cheapest option as most people have an aerial already, a smart box from companies like Humax allow you to record, stream iplayer etc for around £150 for the box. www.freeview.co.uk

If you just want to stream at home and on the move these are your best options below.

NETFLIX – the market leading in great TV and flims from £7.99 a month, works on all types of phones and smart TVs Great oringal programming (and if this is all you use, no need for a TV license) See HERE

NOWTV – this is basicly just SKY TV via the internet only, shows most of skys programming just a few weeks / months later, kids TV is Just £3 per month, you can just pay when you want to use it (month by month). you can use it on any almost smart TV, phone, tablet etc. www.nowtv.com

The Others like BT TV, TV Player PLUS, (supported by some smart TVs and Some Smart TV STBs) Amazon Prime Video, Virgin (only in cabled areas) all have limited channels or limited access to households.

BUT its worth looking at the amazon option as you might already be getting that at you dont evening know it, if you ave AMAZON PRIME DELIVERY, you will have access to PRIME VIDEO at no extra cost, currently £70 per year or £7.99 a month.

Its a mind field, but we can help just drop us a message on the contact page we can help