TV Repair – Aerial, Broadcast & DAB Services

We at ITS Technical offer our customer the widest range of products and connectable’s to ensure the finest reception and continuity, whether domestic or commercial. Our engineers are qualified and trained to utilise all the full product range providing a professional and effective outcome.

Boxes such as the YouView box bring all of these services together they have basic content provided by Freeview premium content from various suppliers that has NOW TV and Amazon Prime

Not More SMART TVs!

Gone are the days were Four channel TV is the standard we got a 5th channel back in the 1990s and now thanks to system such as Freeview BT TV and YouView you can have hundreds of channels broadcast 24 hours a day not only file your TV aerial or satellite dish but through the Internet

Who Needs an Aerial?

And we understand that this can be completely confusing if it’s all new to you we can help install the TV sit down with you and spend the time showing you the advanced features or if you really don’t want any of this we can supply basic TVs that just have 10 channels with all the core entertainment you would want to watch. Aerials Installed, replaced and Upgraded.

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talktalk tv boxes fixed and installe