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Network & Office Solutions

Every office has networks it’s just the fact of modern life but what can your networks do, you understand it’s not just computers that can be interconnected, security, phone lines, alarm systems can all usual network within your office to help things run smoother

There are so big changes in the networking world 100 MB networks used to be standard now one gigabyte networks can be fitted with CAT-6 cable allowing things such as high-definition security systems 20 huge amounts of files to be sent between computers within a matter of seconds assisting the cloud based services so many people are using nowadays

If you need advice or some equipment setup we can do that whether your office is just one computer… 5 or 500 machines.

Understanding the range of equipment and possibilities that are out there it’s just some of the services we can help with you don’t have to be stuck in the past and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to upgrade

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