Laptops & PC Repairs

Our team of Geeks can provide you with complete solutions from Accessing Data to Boosting Start-up Speeds leaving you safe in the knowledge your data is always in safe hands. You can call us now on 01934 660280

Whether your laptop is running slowly, or not running at all, we can help. We know computers because we’ve been fixing them for many years. Laptops can be cheap nowadays, so it’s easy to think that throwing away the old one and buying a new one is the solution.

However, I’d say that in most cases we can save you money by fixing your laptop, or upgrade it to make it even faster than a new one. Much faster. Here are some of the laptop services that ITS Technical provides in order to help you save money, and downtime.


Our repairs include:

  • Laptop does not power up.
  • Laptop LCD screen is very dim or dark.
  • Nothing is visible on laptop LCD screen but it works if plugged into an external screen.
  • Laptop screen is not turning on.
  • Laptop screen is cracked or damaged.
  • Laptop backlight problem / inverter problem.
  • Laptop GPU/ Graphics Distortion on the display.
  • Faulty Laptop Motherboard.
  • Laptop is over heating or shutting down.
  • Laptop keyboard repair.
  • Laptop power adaptor repairs.
  • Loose or broken hinge repairs.
  • Laptop DVD Drive upgrade and replacement.
  • Plus ANYTHING else you can throw at us

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