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Shops & Offices Services

If you have a shop or an office you need to look after there’s so many things that you have to do it so many rules so many laws we can help with most of them facilities management compliance with various regulations or even just making sure you’ve got a good hand dryer that works well

We can do hard and soft facilities management for small and medium Enterprises taking all the skills we’ve learnt from large commercial and industrial sites we apply them with small local thinking to keep prices down to keep you compliance and help your business work well

You might not think that your business is that big all that important but we’ve got the skill set to be able to deliver all of the basic needs of a small business or a growing business we can help with everything from day one even if that just means we change the light bulbs

We have partner companies we work with to help with cleaning as well as purchasing new equipment for specific jobs or changes in business directions such as manufacturing equipment it really is worth a phone call to the office to see how we can help no matter how big or small your business

We really do a HUGE range of things

Just call 01934 660280