Water Treatment

Water is food, a means of production, an energy source, and vital in our everyday lives, whether at we are at work or at home. Water is a unique medium; with its limited availability, mankind is increasingly becoming aware of its growing value.

Softened Water systems

The lack of good quality drinking water for a great part of world’s population and an insufficient supply of industrial water for developing economies will represent one of the most serious challenges to mankind during future decades.

The systems we install can cure a range of problems, limescale build up, hardness of water, bad tasting tap water.


  • Filters for drinking water at home or work

  • Drinking water machine install for offices

  • Water treatment for boilers / heaters

  • Water Softerners from 10lts to 100lts for Home

  • Tri-Flow tap systems

  • Instant boiling water systems for kitchens

  • Magnetic and eleotroltic static treatment devices

Softened water brings a touch of luxury into your home, whether you choose to enjoy a revitalising shower or a hot, soothing bath, the richer lather and the softer suds created can help ease away the stresses of the day. Skin is left softer, smoother and feeling more replenished, whilst hair takes on a new shine. Luxury water also brings a new found softness to your laundry too. Soaps and detergents rinse out more easily, leaving clothes more cuddly, fluffier and softer to touch; a benefit the whole family can enjoy throughout the day, and you use much less detergent too!

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